About me

I was born on August 2 1996, in the loving embrace of my mother, father and sister. That didn’t last long, because my parents separated when I was young, starting a war between the two families that would last years. My sister and me were in the middle of this war, which was extremely hard for us. Mother said A, father said B and we didn’t know which parent to believe. (just the thought that one of our parents were lying to us already hurt).

baby jacky

When entering my teenage years, things didn’t improve. It got a lot worse.

I came out as homosexual at the incredible young age of 13. In hindsight I should have waited, but at the time I really couldn’t keep it in anymore. This turned out to be the start of the worst few years of my life (so far, I’m only 21 when I write this. Who knows what the future holds).

I was mostly living with my mom at this point, and she was my entire world. When I told her I was gay, that world got obliterated. She turned against me entirely. I wasn’t allowed to kiss her goodnight anymore, she said I would die at the age of 30, I’d have to wear diapers all the time. A lot of terrible things happened at home and at school (bullies, getting kicked, getting spat in the face, …) which sort of pushed me into a fantasy world where I believed in werewolves, vampires, magic, etc…

I’m not going to say that my imagination kept me alive during this period, because that would be a bit extreme. It definitely made things easier.

Present day, I haven’t seen my mother in 6 years and I’m completely happy. I’ve been living with my dad, who takes perfect care of me. The imagination of my childhood has never really left me, and through my childhood I’ve tried to do something related to ‘writing’. My cousin and I used to make these ‘cartoons’ called God Is Cheating, where God kills people in all kinds of creative ways (I’m 65% sure that I’m mentally stable). In my second year of high school I tried to write a book ‘A sewer too far’ but I gave up after a few seconds – literally my life – I tried it again a few years later but gave up as well, which seems to be a recurring trend.

Now I’m finally ready to write for real. What jumpstarted me again was seeing a movie with a gay character that was so obnoxious I just wanted to punch him in the face every time he appeared on screen (Like that guy in ‘Dirty Grandpa’). This is not the representation my people deserve. We can do better. Instead of waiting for stories to appear with good characters who happen to be gay, I decided I would create those stories myself. That’s the day Yake Grenthis was born. Actually, the name took a while, but you get the idea.