Tales of Asnor: Prince of Tartand

The events at Sera’s Palace leave the Southern Isles in a weakened state, with vultures closing in on everyone. Lancel has had plenty of trouble with simple nobles, but now Tartand and the holy lands of Shaekos get involved in affairs. The Lìrén make an important decision, and a certain undead king gets comfortable on his new throne. Despite all these complications, the largest shadow still needs to sweep over Asnor.

The shadow of the gods.

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Read a diary page of the main characters!

I can’t believe I’m still alive. I wasn’t planning on it… I was ready to die. Mordis and Eveline took away the only person I ever loved. Every morning I wake up on this ship, and just for a few seconds I forget. Then it all comes rushing back to me… Vince does everything he can to comfort me, but there is a hole in my chest where my heart used to be. I don’t even care about the destination of our ship. I’m sure Vince won’t let anything bad happen to Lysanna when we arrive at Dàshǒudū. I trust him with my life… after all, he did save my life.

Why did Sam punch that undead man? He was never supposed to come with me to Dàshǒudū, and neither was Lysanna. I need to find Tanyl and have him explain his intentions with the Lìrén and Astri. Things would have been easier if I were alone. If Sam finds out that I’ve been lying to him from the start… I don’t think he’d ever forgive me.

Maybe I want him to find out. I know that I still need to make a final decision between humans or elves. A decision that cannot be undone. I care for Sam a lot, more than I really should, but I need to get into Silvita so I can find my mother.

But what if my mother isn’t there and I’m throwing away an amazing friendship, and possibly something more in the future? Or what if she is there but she doesn’t want to see me? I’m not really sure of anything anymore…

*note: Elena cannot read or write because she was raised on a farm, but she managed to contact someone in a nearby cell and told him what he had to write down. Don’t ask how he had the means to write this, life is filled with surprises.*

Dear Diary,

I never really had a diary so I’m not sure what I’m supposed to write down. I suppose describing my surroundings would be a good start. I’m in the dungeons of Sera’s Palace, and Elyne is in a cell next to me. Mordis’ monsters feed her something to keep her sedated, so she wouldn’t be able to use her magic to break us out. In a way I’m glad that she’s not awake. I’ve spent all this time trying to find my sister, but I have no idea what I’m supposed to do when I finally find her. I’ve never had a sister before. Will she be happy to see me? Will she be angry because mother decided to keep me and not her? I know I would be angry, furious even.

One thing I’m certain of, I never should have trusted Huli. I should have known something was wrong when he started to seduce me and take off his cl- hey, what do you mean you don’t want to write that down for me? We had a deal, I talk and you write the diary page. What do you mean “I’m done.” You’re only done when I say so. PUT THAT QUILL BACK IN YOUR HAND, MISTER!

When my grandfather sent me on this mission, I never would have predicted this to be the outcome. Well, deep down I sort of knew I would fail and lead everyone to their death, but the sword absorbing this strange magic and an undead invasion? The world is going crazy. Luckily I have found the strength I was looking for. Peacebreaker. The magic in the sword is unknown to the scholar and free-thinker that studied it, but power is exactly what I needed. Everytime I’m near the sword I feel the desire to lead my people. My grandfather would finally be proud, if only I wasn’t trapped in the woods.

Angela refuses to hand over Peacebreaker, even now. Does she feel the blade’s power as well? She keeps talking about protecting us and keeping us safe, but it’s turning into an obsession. She won’t even let us pee alone. Angela has always had this urge to protect her prisoners – if Kuro and I still are prisoners – but it’s never been this bad. Maybe she’s just on edge because of the undead wandering the forest as well, and the fires that spread through the trees.

I hope we find a safe place soon, or we won’t make it…

Mother told me it’s important for a King to write down his memoirs, so I guess that’s what I’m doing. We’re all devastated by the loss of Lysanna. Mother refuses to eat or drink, she won’t even look at her remaining children. I know that she’s ashamed for losing a daughter, but I want her to know that I don’t blame her. Claeshire was on fire and undead were entering this world.

Lucy says that Lysanna is still alive and in safe hands. She can feel it. I didn’t believe in ‘twin-magic’ before, but after everything that’s happened I’m willing to believe anything. If only mother would believe it too, maybe she would feel better. She said that Lucy would wake up one day and see the world for what it really is; A gaping pit ready to swallow anyone it can reach.

Sadly, I think she’s right. It happened with me. I fought so hard against the marriage with Elizabeth Howes, but in the end I just gave up. It was childish of me, thinking I could marry for love. This is the right thing to do.

More info coming soon.