Tales of Asnor: Invasion of Domnex

Since the dawn of time, the Heroes’ Guild has forged orphans into protectors of mankind. An ungodly murder draws the attention of the king of the Southern Isles, who then recruits the best heroes the Guild has to offer. Despite rumours of a ghastly man who looks more dead than alive, the heroes accept the challenge.

However, everyone has their own agenda. It’s unclear if the greatest foe is the man hiding in Greatwood, the different cultures of Asnor or your very family.

And what happens when our dear departed are neither dear nor departed?

Meet some of the main characters!

18 years old. The young Samuel graduated the heroes’ guild with ease. He aced his classes of melee combat but struggled a bit with archery. He enjoyed his time at the guild, but lost touch with his friends after graduating. Even though his classes were challenging, they paled in comparison to the outside world. Sam struggles to apply his knowledge to real situations. Insecure and ashamed, he keeps his ‘hero’ status hidden. When he hears about the King’s desire to recruit graduated heroes, something stirs within him. Could this be the chance he had been waiting for, or is it simply another obstacle Sam cannot overcome?

Half elf and half human, Vince graduated from the heroes’ guild many years ago. Nobody knows in what year, he’s a bit stingy when it comes to his age. He might look like a young man, but looks can be deceiving. The elven blood running through his human veins has given him long life. More importantly, it made him an eternal outsider. Neither humans nor elves liked Vince. Everywhere he went, he was branded a half-breed, an abomination.

Vince attempted to find his father after graduating, but he gave up after several decades of travelling around the world. Human life is fragile, and his father’s time had run out. Vince then turned to his mother, an elf. All elves live in the world of Silvita, but Vince wasn’t allowed to enter. The portal to this sphere is located in Dàshǒudū, a city which belonged to the Lìrén. It was the only place where elves and humans lived together.

The half-elf tried to get in good favour with the Lìrén Emperor, who had an elf as advisor. He tracked down a group of snake-beasts that were abducting and eating men, but was unable to kill them. This earned him some respect, and the occassional visit from the elven advisor. He still wasn’t allowed to enter Silvita, his homeland, but he definitely was getting closer.

One morning, the elven advisor approached Vince with a proposal involving the Astri King and the recruitment of three heroes…

Elyne is an apprentice at the heroes’ guild. The powerful magic in her body has turned her hair and eyes blue, and it has created a blue cat that follows her around everywhere. In fact, her magic is so strong that the guild has decided to excuse her from melee and ranged combat, so she could focus on the arcane. Problem is, the magic terrifies her. It has happened several times that her power overwhelmed her, and it rarely ended without someone getting injured… or worse.

Other apprentices avoid her. They know how dangerous Elyne can be. Her only true friend is her cat… and a ghost? Sometimes she hears the voice of a woman, who appears to her in her dreams. Elyne has named her the ‘Purple Lady’ because she’s always bathing in purple energy. Nobody else in the guild has ever seen or heard this apparition, which made Elyne curious. Why was the ghost drawn to her? Is it native to the guild, or to Elyne?

One day, Elyne hears that the King is looking for graduated heroes, and he’s travelling to the guild to recruit them. She’s never been a fan of big crowds or events, so Elyne decides to stay in the background until all of this blows over. After all, she’s not a graduated hero…

Grandson of the Lìrén Emperor Visero Huáng. 45 years ago, before Dorian was even born, the Lìrén fled to the Southern Isles and founded the city Dàshǒudū. The Lìrén were almost wiped out by a great war, but with the help of the nearby elves they managed to rebuild in the new land. The Astri,  humans native to the Southern Isles, weren’t too happy to see these Lìrén invaders. They started a war, which ended in an uneasy truce because of the inexperience of the young Astri King Lugin Septes, who was barely of age.

In the present, Dorian is being trained to lead the Lìrén. When the old Emperor dies, a new one is chosen. Dorian needs to prove to his people that he is a capable leader. Except… he isn’t. He isn’t at all… His grandfather gives him chores to win over the hearts of his people, but he is too ashamed to carry out these tasks himself. Too many times has he asked his best friend Kuro to do this work instead. He’s not ready to be seen as a leader, and he certainly isn’t ready to become Emperor.

Then, Visero Huáng calls upon his grandson once more. The Astri King is in need of heroes. This is the moment Visero had been waiting for. The King is too distracted to keep the Lìrén in check. War isn’t started easily, but a second war has been brewing for decades now. If the Lìrén wait for the Astri to make the first move, they would be defeated. With this in mind, Visero commands Dorian to lead a group of warriors into Astri territory to secure their survival.

Will Dorian overcome his insecurity and become the leader everyone wants him to be? Will he lead everyone to their demise, including himself?

King of the Southern Isles. At a young age, Lugin was forced into a political marriage with Yoanna Spade. She was a princess of Tartand, the land north of the Southern Isles. Now, Lugin is King and Yoanna is Queen. Their marriage has brought forth two sons and two daughters, which has secured peace with Tartand.

When his twin girls, Lysanna and Lucy, were little (they’re still little) they encountered something in the woods. The girls were so scared that their brown hair turned white. Lugin was convinced that they ran into an animal, and their imagination warped it into something that it wasn’t. Years later, an old knight encountered something in the woods as well, and gave the exact same description as Lugin’s twin girls.

It was Yoanna Spade who urged Lugin to hire three heroes to deal with the ‘thing’. At first he had refused, but the creature had given the knight a message. “We’re coming.”

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